Until they’re in use, your products or services only exist in the language you use to describe them. We work with you to inspire your customers and to create your unique position in the world. 

And that’s just the beginning of who we are.


The heart of why you exist

MarketWord provides world-class strategic marketing services to create your impact, your unique place in the world and express why you exist.


Our services focus on execution driven by positioning and messaging. From individual projects to full service we cover 40+ areas in our unique step-by-step process.

(MUCH) More than Marketing


Disruptive Technologies

MarketWord is recognized as a thought leader in the field of compute/networking/software/Cybersecurity to help provide clarity and leadership to your customers. We don't just follow. We are right in the discussion of defining tomorrow's technology and its impact on the world - seeing beyond last week's buzz word hype or vested interest. 


What’s amazing is that no-one has created a holistic methodology or toolset for Cybersecurity in these extraordinary times. The good news is that we have done just that!

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(VERY MUCH) More than Marketing

Disruptor and Disruptee?

Exponential Organizations are at the heart of every tech and environmental innovation right now! The movement grew 1500% itself in the last 12 months. Are you in or out? We have the skills, training and passion to make sure you are in.

Looking for more fundamental change? Then contact our sister company The Management Firm, for in depth analysis of your entire company, alliances, M&A and funding, turn-arounds, structural innovation and more.

Want to Become Exponential? You came to right place.

Go from a company to the company in the market

what makes us so special?

Only Interest: Making the possible a new reality

Our goal is to open the door to what can be made possible for you and your customer/clients in a way that hasn't been done before.  We are proud to have supported more than 50 of the the world's top service providers and equipment manufacturers as part of our service contracts.