MarketWord brings you award-winning expertise and experience in all aspects of hi-tech strategic marketing and marketing communications that will transform your company and your customers.

MarketWord’s unique approach helps create and deliver your special value proposition in an unbroken and consistent chain of communication from your boardroom to the market and your customers. 

Whether acting as a marketing consultancy, marketing outsource or provider of distinct services, MarketWord’s goal is timely acceleration of revenue with cost-efficient world-class services and to leave you empowered to generate your own marketing strategies and programs.

MarketWord’ services cover all aspects required for the most cost-effective awareness and lead generation activities.

These include unique positioning, messaging, branding, press relations, online and live events, technical marketing, all aspects of marketing development and communications, conference speaking, industry engagement, rapporteur services, media and analyst relations.

Practical hands-on execution is based on perhaps the industry’s most comprehensive marketing system and a track record of success – not just a theoretical view. See the Services and Tech pages for more on expertise.

Although MarketWord has a unique marketing structure, it’s the focus on how products and services can motivate and inspire potential client/customers that creates the context for all the work and our passion for your success.

While we believe our expertise and experience is invaluable, the only thing that really matters is what can be newly created for you today/next.

In depth expertise on testing, performance and usability and user interfaces, wired & wireless infrastructure, Ethernet, IP, IPv6, switched and routed networks, OAM, converged networking, including IPTV, Video Quality, Carrier Ethernet services, Edge and Multi-Cloud Computing, SDN, NFV, Broadband, AI/ML, Intent-based networking and mobile backhaul. Current holistic understanding of Cybersecurity including knowledge on Cloud and Multi-Cloud Migration security issues, techniques and models such as Zero Trust, Secure SD-WAN, Asset and Risk Assessment, Container security, etc. More on the Tech page.

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Prior to founding MarketWord in 2006, Mark Fishburn held roles as Managing Director, VP marketing, VP sales, VP market development, technical strategy, and business unit manager with Xerox, Retix, Netcom Systems, Spirent. He has been a board member and chairman of several industry associations and frequent speaker at industry conferences worldwide.
2006-2023 MarketWord Inc., Strategic marketing and implementation. Founder, President. Client list and testimonials see below.
2019-2023 Cybyr.com. Founded to create a holistic approach to Cybersecurity drawing upon decades of experience in testing, network architectures and recent work in secure communications.
2019-2020 The Management Firm – Facilitating fast-paced business transformation. Co-founder
1996-2006 Netcom/Spirent – Industry leading network test and measurement systems.  VP Marketing, IPO. Responsibilities:  product marketing, marketing communications, standards and certification. programs.
1994-1996 Achieve Inc, AI-based sales software, founding president
1984-1993 Retix – Ethernet bridges, switches, routers, secure systems. UK Director of Sales, UK Managing Director, VP Software Business Division Manager (USA). Sales person & sales team of the year, IPO.
1981-1984 Xerox: Product Marketing, Ethernet, 8010 Star workstation
  • >25 Industry marketing awards
  • Created unique process covering all aspects of marketing
  • Organized, managed and speaker at 100+ events
  • Extensive sales, systems and applications software development, support experience
  • North London University(current name) Studied BSc. Special Mathematics.
  • Ongoing personal training and development: Landmark Worldwide 2006 – 2022. (The inspiration for MarketWord and critical for empowering organizational development).
  • Exponential  Organizations 2019-2022  Certified Coach and Consultant (critical for the introduction of disruptive technologies and innovative business practices).
 2023-2024 Member, Cloud Security Alliance
2019-2024 Member (MEF) – SASE, Zero Trust, Security 
 2019-2024 Working Group member Open Network User Group (ONUG) – Network Cloud, Multi-Cloud Migration, Cybersecurity: Zero Trust

 2022-2024. A  Holistic Approach to Cybersecurity published as a paperback and E-Book on Amazon

2018-2020 Member Broadband Forum (BBF)

2015-2018 Strategic and Tactical Marketing, Social Technologies for the BBF

 2015 Co-Chair Professional Services Certification, MEF
 2006-2014 Strategic Marketing Support, MEF
 2009-2011 Co-Chair Global Interconnect, MEF
 2007-2009 Board Member CTC-Los Angeles
 2003–2006 Chair of the Board, MEF
 2002-2003 VP Marketing, MEF
 1999-2001 Chair of the Board 10 Gig. Ethernet Alliance
 1998-1999 Board Member Gigabit Ethernet Alliance
 Standards body experience: IEEE, IETF, BBF, MEF, etc.
  Delivered world’s first Gigabit Ethernet copper product, July 2, 1999
  Delivered world’s first Gigabit Ethernet fiber product, April 23, 1997
  Installed Europe’s first commercial Ethernet. Paris 1982
  • Exponential Organizations are defined as delivering 10x better, faster, cheaper and must have three components represented by:
  • An ExO’s Massive Transformative Purpose(“MTP”) reflects an organization’s aspiration and why it exists.

    SCALE” focuses on external elements: Staff-on-Demand | Community and Crowd | Algorithms | Leveraged Assets | Engagement.

    “IDEAS” focuses on internal elements: Interfaces |Dashboards| Experimentation | Autonomy |Social Technology.

  • EXO Consultant and and Sprint Coach Certification achieved 2019. ExO is a rapidly growing worldwide community of around 15,000 consultants expert at introducing and training in the introduction of innovative management and technical approaches to large organizations.


MarketWord has directly or via its contracted clients provided marketing support to the following companies.

Accedian | Actelis | Actiontec | Adtran |  Altice Labs | Arris | ASSIA | AT&T | Bell Canada | Broadband Forum | British Telecom | Broadcom | Calix | CenturyLink | CENX | China Telecom | Ciena | Cisco | Comcast | Corning | Cox Business | Deutsche Telekom | EANTC | Ericsson | EXFO | Fujitsu  | Gluware | Greenwave Systems | Huawei Technologies | InCoax | InfoVista | Intel | Iometrix | Juniper Networks | LAN | MEF | MOCA | NEC | Nokia | PCCW Global | PLDT |  QA Cafe | RAD | Sckipio | Spark New Zealand | Spirent | TECH 2000 | Telebyte | UNH IOL | VantoGroup | Verizon | Veryx | Viavi | VMware | Vodafone

Also via work for the MEF and BBF indirect support has been provided for a further 250 member companies.