Services Overview

Unique step-by-step marketing process encompasses all  areas of marketing:

  • Market and company analysis
  • Positioning and messaging – the source of all deliverables
  • Planning – campaigns, roadmaps
  • Execution – creation of all required content
  • Execution –  actions/outreach activities to raise awareness, create sales
  • Measurement, feedback, rinse, repeat

Organizational Services

  • Certified Consultant and Sprint Coach of latest Exponential Organization and management methodologies 
  • Consulting and industry rapporteur services for Holistic Cybersecurity
  • Technical product and service development strategies in IT, Networking and Cybersecurity

Market Readiness Service

MarketWord’s Market Readiness Service examines all aspects of your organization’s marketing and its impact on sales and the market. We begin with a quick ten-point evaluation of what you are saying to the world. How do you rate? We give you our suggestions!

Next we get into the detail of 40+ marketing deliverables and actions with recommendations on how to proceed …

  • Soup to nuts evaluation
  • Do you have a clearly articulated transformational purpose that sets you apart from the crowd and that your company is passionate about?
  • Does what you say grab attention or is it as sleep-inducing as say a cat video?
  • Is it full of meaningless jargon: “a powerful yet flexible solution,”  “tomorrow’s technology today” blah, blah?
  • Is everything you say, produce, document, show graphically and communicate consistent with the reason you exist, your goals, positioning and who you are for your customers?
  • Is it reaching and resonating with customers and driving sales? What’s missing, the presence of which would make a difference?
  • We look at everything from the annual report to social media and reviews and more

Positioning/Messaging Services

Examines how your company,  products or services can carve out a new space and gets down to the messaging that will be at the core of every conversation and  deliverable.

An interactive workshop (usually online) to get to the heart of the impact what new products and services can make possible for all manner of customer/clients. 

This creates a source reference for the messaging that will be at the core of every conversation and every deliverable. It often impacts branding and design work – and even product usability. What is it, what does it deliver and what’s the impact on stakeholders? It develops the understanding of what motivates buyers and provides compelling reasons to purchase.


Planning what and how to communicate to the market is all about objectives, what has to to be done by when and the resources to achieve it. The important thing is getting to the execution. Better to experiment, then improve or fail fast and try something new rather than plan endlessly for perfection.

Execution: Content/Deliverables

  • Content and deliverables: web, sales, social media, papers, podcasts presentations, news releases, visuals, etc., studies and testimonials
  • Everything shown in the step-by step process below

Execution: programs/activities

  • Programs and Activities: media/analyst relations, briefings, events, sales and customer outreach
  • Social Media, user and community activities
  • Everything shown in the step-by step process below


An AI-based system to qualify and advance sales that also  automates sales forecasting based on advanced marketing techniques. A new web-based version that integrates with popular CRMs is in preparation.

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Zoom webinar production, event organization, Online events: Hopin, etc. 99%
Social Tech: Atlassian Confluence/Jira, Slack, Google Docs 98%
Marketing language development, presentation skills 95%
Delivery systems: Constant Contact, Vimeo, Survey Monkey, etc., 90%
Social Media: LinkedIn, Twitter, , etc., 90%
Unique marketing system with recommended partners for research, PR, etc. 95%
Web Design, Hosting and Development
Word Press (this site), Elementor, etc. 90%
Joomla, Drupal 55%
Adobe for all Design Purposes
Illustrator, Dreamweaver 90%
Other Creative Cloud apps 40%
MS Office
Word, Excel (incl. VBA), PowerPoint (>1,000,000 presentations created - or it seems like that) 99%
Organizational Development, Coaching and Training
Expontial Organization Certified Sprint Coach and Consultant 90%
Transformational Personal and Business Development. Landmark Introduction Leader, etc. 95%
Trainer/course materials developer (business, marketing & technical) 90%
Holistic Cybersecurity Education, Writer, SME 88%